Drilling starch production in Russia

Joint-stock company "Tchaplygin starch factory" (Russia) manufactures and sells premium corn drilling starch for Oil and Gas Field application, native corn starch, modified corn starch, fodder and so on. Corn starch is widely applied in industrial production. The following fields of application of corn starch are most known:

Our starches corresponds to "API Specification 13A, Section 16, Starch" and is suitable for use in Oil & Gas production as drilling chemicals (drilling starch), in manufacture of a corrugated cardboard, textiles, medical and pharmacological production, and also in the food-processing industry. Quality of our starch is confirmed with the certificate of Russian scientific starch research institute. Starch is packed in polypropylene 30 kg. bags with the leaf, 25 kg. paper strong-sacks , 500-1000 kg. big-bags. The minimal lot is anyone. Starch is shipped from a warehouse of a factory in Tchaplygin town (Lipetsk region, Russia) and from a warehouse in Moscow. Our company is ready to deliver starch by motor and railway transport up to the consumer in any region of Russian Federation and the other countries.

Our enterprise also produces amyl pectin starch from wax like corn. Volume of a lot not less than 20 tons. The price and standard item are coordinated in addition.

The factory offers delivery of the modified starch on your compounding. Together with Russian scientific starch research institute we can develop and we shall make a compounding of the modified starch individually for each consumer. We offer trial lots of starch for definition of suitability in your manufacture. We are interested in long-term cooperation with consumers of starch. We offer flexible system of discounts, a delay of payment for constant clients.

Joint-stock company "Tchaplygin starch factory" offer special conditions of cooperation with supply departments and heads of the enterprises, an individual approach to each client. We wait for your applications by multi-channel phone/fax in Moscow or by e-mail.

Joint-stock company "Tchaplygin starch factory"

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